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I Need That Promo Photo Nipsey Hussle - “I Need That”

“wow are you kidding me? i loved this track when i heard it on TMC, dom went off, but then so did Nipsey. solid track if you as me”

NeoDaMatrix's Rating:                     Posted on May 02, 2012
TreaZon TreaZon - “Through the Flame”

“these two are crazy together. 5 stars”

NeoDaMatrix's Rating:                     Posted on May 02, 2012
Chi City 2 Queens  Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Chi City 2 Queens ”

“pretty sure i discovered both Spizzy & Add-2 from the booth. Been following the two of them ever since. To see them both link up now is nothing short of of amazing. They both bring something to the table and their styles compliment each other with ease. Kursur stays slaying these beats as well. I'll be on lookout for the project, no doubt.”

NeoDaMatrix's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 05, 2011

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Flowers II Promo Photo Asaad - “Flowers II”

“been bumpin Asaad for a min now at first i didnt fuck with dude like his style was pretty out there but after awhile your like damn "this shit actually knocks". From a production standpoint he has a great ear for beats Sunny Norway for example did amazing on this. Better than expected. watch Dj Blaze give it 4 stars smh”

NeoDaMatrix's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 02, 2014
Tha City Promo Photo Robb Bank$ - “Tha City”

“doubt anyone on the booth rlly fux with Bank$. this shit is cool, kinda better than calenders. very very solid production Spaceghost always comes correct same with POSH & Nuri. I liked how he themed it to. It's called the Tha City and he titles the tracks accordingly. def will be in rotation. That Sir Michael junt is dope as fuck”

NeoDaMatrix's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 02, 2013

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