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Name:   Ziggy Blockley
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Interests: Music, Sport, Films & Chilling
URL:   www.youtube.com/blacktrident
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Member Status: DJ Booth Member

Join Date:          May 4, 2011

Last Login:        August 19, 2013

Total Ratings:    13

Ziggy Blockley's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

B.I.T.C.H. Promo Photo Tech N9ne - “B.I.T.C.H.”

“Top track, good mic work from Tech and glad to hear T-Pain on a front-line track again, however different sounding it is. Solid 4 from me, and the album's absolutely crazy!”

Ziggy Blockley's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 11, 2013
Come and Get It Promo Photo T-Pain - “Come and Get It”

“Dope as usual, always baffles me that artists like Future can sound like shit on autotune and get airplay, yet Pizzle sounds amazing and still struggles cause of D.O.A. Catchy as usual and Ace and Busta did good.”

Ziggy Blockley's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 18, 2013
Bang Bang Pow Pow Promo Photo T-Pain - “Bang Bang Pow Pow”

“T-Pain is the fucking man.”

Ziggy Blockley's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 18, 2011
5 O'clock Promo Photo T-Pain - “5 O'clock”

“Best I've heard from Pizzle in a minute, even though I always enjoy his songs anyway. This is a step up, instant but also a grower. Wiz was good, Lily's voice would melt butter and Pain was great.”

Ziggy Blockley's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 11, 2011
Till I'm Gone Promo Photo Tinie Tempah - “Till I'm Gone”

“Tinie kills it as usual, he's a solid solid rapper and people who "can't get over the accent" need to sit down. Wiz is average as hell, it's a decent hook but needs someone who can sing to lace it. He has absolutely no range sadly.”

Ziggy Blockley's Rating:                     Posted on May 12, 2011

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