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Name:   hainmayne
Location: Aotearoa!
Interests: Music, sports, music, design & muZik!
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Join Date:          April 14, 2011

Last Login:        November 17, 2012

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Wicked Games Promo Photo The Weeknd - “Wicked Games”

“Man I hate that artists still need to conform for majors.. but I guess the flipside is that's where the moneys at..”

hainmayne's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 21, 2012
Freddie Gibbs Freddie Gibbs - “Rock Bottom”

“Substance and flow. Liked Gibbs work on the Dallas track and this is another level, I'm on the bandwagon for sure. Freddie Gibbs - remember the name, dudes bout to blow. BANGER.”

hainmayne's Rating:                     Posted on May 06, 2011
Fool for You Promo Photo Cee-Lo Green - “Fool for You”

“Sound of perfection. Shout out to Melanie Fiona she most definately held her own and complimented the track very well. Like Marvin and Tammi all over. CLASSIC.”

hainmayne's Rating:                     Posted on May 01, 2011
Look at Me Now Promo Photo Chris Brown - “Look at Me Now”

“Love this joint, goes hard in the ride haha.. As far as breezys concerned, dudes probably more of a 'filler' on his own track but thats to be expected when you recruit the King Busta and a starving Weezy - your bound to get ate. BANGER.”

hainmayne's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2011
David Dallas David Dallas - “Caught in a Daze”

“Nice cruisy track. First time hearing Gibbs, dudes got mad flow - can see why Jeezy signed him up. Dallas was nice too, good to see him staying true to himself and not jumpin on the ringtone bandwagon like some others before him *cough* :P Mad props to Dallas makin moves in the US, bout to hit the BIG TIME bro. Lovin it NZ hip-hop stand up!”

hainmayne's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2011

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