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Name:   Neil_Shae_2411
Location: Cali
Interests: Fresh Fish
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Join Date:          February 4, 2011

Last Login:        October 8, 2012

Total Ratings:    70

Neil_Shae_2411's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Ghetto Dreams Promo Photo Common - “Ghetto Dreams”

“I second the Caveman...”

Neil_Shae_2411's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 05, 2011
1+1 Promo Photo Beyoncé - “1+1”

“She has a stranglehold on the game for a reason.”

Neil_Shae_2411's Rating:                     Posted on May 27, 2011
Let's Ride Promo Photo Shane Eli - “Let's Ride”

“Mother-f**kin' BANGER. This beat is insane. I can't believe this dude does it all himself. Raps better than most rappers and produces better than most producers. Tre and Rittz are fucking ill too. Cant wait for I can do better.”

Neil_Shae_2411's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 08, 2011
The Weed Iz Mine Promo Photo Snoop Dogg - “The Weed Iz Mine”

“hahaha love this shit. This is what snoop should stick to. G-funk.”

Neil_Shae_2411's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 25, 2011

“Gotttt Damn.”

Neil_Shae_2411's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 07, 2011

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