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Fool for You Promo Photo Cee-Lo Green - “Fool for You”

“This album is nothing but flames. "Bodies" will remain my favorite record on the LP, but this one has to come close. The fact that the beautiful and talented Ms. Fiona lends her voice to this cut only adds to the appeal. This one WORKS. Agreed with Z at the top. 4 stars doesn't give this one justice.”

44jamesk's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 09, 2011
XV XV - “SmallVille”

“Not my favorite Cole production. But XV's rhymes have me really excited to hear his debut. I can relate with a lot of the stuff he's saying.”

44jamesk's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 06, 2011
Words I Never Said Promo Photo Lupe Fiasco - “Words I Never Said”

“Lupe is incredible. One of my favorite emcees out right now. That said, something about this song doesn't jive with me quitte as much as it seems to for everyone else. Lupe's lyrics are top notch, and I really like the singing on the hook. But the production isn't quite my favorite. Rocky, yeah. Eclectic, yeah. But I totally respect the statement Lu makes here, so 4 stars.”

44jamesk's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 06, 2011
Really Raw Promo Photo Tyga - “Really Raw”

“I don't know if I really wanted to like this one, but damn. I can't deny it. This is tough. My head's nodding like crazy. This minimalist Neptunes beat is a heatrock. Most I've enjoyed a production of theirs in a minute. Tyga probably gets outshined lyrically, but that's alright. Still manages to make a statement. Lol @ Pharrell's stunting though. "Gargling champagne, that's really raw."”

44jamesk's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 05, 2011

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