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Rock City Rock City - “I'm Leavin' ft. Akon & Swizz Beatz”

“THIS IS HOT!!! Runnin this on repeat for a while!!!”

Ronnie Notch's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 17, 2009
Cassie Cassie - “Must Be Love ft. Diddy”

“I think Diddy has finally found where Cassie should be at vocally. I like this track...sounds like in another world it could've been tailored for Amerie. It's hot though and shows definite growth for Cassie!”

Ronnie Notch's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 16, 2009
Ludacris Ludacris - “Wish You Would ft. T.I.”

“Best part of the song is the intro...because really, who saw this coming? With Luda talkin and T.I. laughin it shows that these two are focused on the bigger picture. I'm actually getting excited about music again with people like T.I, Jeezy, Luda, Game, and possibly Eminem droppin later this year. Recession might be”

Ronnie Notch's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 08, 2008
T-Pain T-Pain - “Can't Believe It”

“This is HOT all the way around. I was expecting Dwele to come outta no where cause this sounds like somethin he would've been on. But I like it and agree with the earlier comments that Wayne has been "outta the box but not outta the voice box" for a minute now.”

Ronnie Notch's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 01, 2008
Akon Akon - “Hold My Hand ft. Michael Jackson”

“I'll admit. I saw the title and got nervous. But this is perfect. It's timeless music. This song is gonna be around for A WHILE! It's funny that even though Mike's almost 50 he still sounds the same. The Booth just made my day with this one!!”

Ronnie Notch's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 01, 2008

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