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Name:   Wammy Giveaway
Location: California A.K.A. Califa (Cali for short)
Interests: Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Art, Music, Yuri (Lesbians), Promotion
URL:   http://www.wammyradio.com
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Join Date:          March 30, 2008

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Wammy Giveaway's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Yelawolf Yelawolf - “Hard White (Remix)”

“This one's going on Wammy Radio no question (hoping a non-tagged version will be available before my birthday)! Everybody (including Lil' Jon) came out hard! Already, I'm liking Yelawolf. Omar Cruz gotta step up his game if he wants to do a freestyle over this beat - I think he can do it.”

Wammy Giveaway's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 04, 2011
Give It to 'Em Promo Photo Akon - “Give It to 'Em”

“So, after all this time, the version of "Give It To Em" that is currently being pushed on my October podcast was an unmastered release? Oi vey! Well, can't do anything about that anymore because it's history, in the books, out of the womb and into our ears. At least this is the radio edit, and I have the explicit version with a tweaked ending... If there's anything needed to be taken away from DJBooth, Akon has blessed us with another hustler's anthem. What's in an anthem, you ask. It is a loud repeatable refrain that combines the chorus and the hook into one captivating command, affirmative and authoritative. The Runners are runnin' the field with sneering hard synths, soft-sounding penetrating percussion and cautious key notes. If you listen clearly and carefully, you could pick up a few African drums during Akon's chorus. Militant, aren't they? The tall tales of rising beyond the cartels continue with rapper Rick Ross, the jack of all trades, master of trafficking. If anyone can clear a route lyrically and meaningfully, it's Ricky. Yep, Konvict ain't to be trifled with. If you want to hear the uncensored version, make sure to check out the October podcast for Wammy Radio. Already, "Give It To Em" is an order meant to be delivered.”

Wammy Giveaway's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 26, 2010
DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love Promo Photo Usher - “DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love”

“Just coming by to let you know that this is the radio edit. An explicit version has yet to be released. And yes, my vote still counts :)”

Wammy Giveaway's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 13, 2010
Love the Way You Lie Promo Photo Eminem - “Love the Way You Lie”

“At first, I did not want to post this review out of respect to the artists. But seeing as how well everyone responded to this unexpected collaboration, I had to give my two cents. So here is my review, unedited for archive's sake: Let me step aside and comment on how "Love The Way You Lie" could be presented better by turning the time dial counterclockwise to 1997 and the sultry R&B-rap fusion of Biggie and Kell's "Fucking You Tonight." R. Kelly wasn't just asked to provide the chorus; he did more. He ad-libbed, he did a bridge, he aided B.I.G. during his verses. R. Kelly gave a great deal of contribution to Biggie's love song without stealing his moment, and the result was an impressive and fulfilling feature. Rihanna should have done the same. I was expecting her to do some ad-libs and maybe a bridge, seeing as she was the victim of domestic abuse last year, but I don't see any of that here. Even though the song is told under the perspective of Em in relationship to his former girlfriend Kim, she could have helped enhance the song vocally, to help us understand the female side of being the abused. For example, how would she have reacted when he decides to tie her to the bed if she tried to leave him again - maybe a strong vocalization delivery similar to "No!" Using the song's lyrics can be quite an advantage. This does not mean I hate "Love The Way You Lie." I actually liked this song when it first got leaked, and enjoyed it further the moment the official release date came along. Matters is at it again, using his lyrical dexterity to express his want to keep his girlfriend by his side using a mixture of empathy and authority. Alex Da Kid puts the rock in roll mode, setting the tone for a couple in love that has suddenly gone wrong, and it is man's responsibility to fix this mess. Rihanna's hook is comfortable and calm: throughout the humiliation and abusive treatment she's receiving, she doesn't feel phased one bit. Deep inside herself, however, she feels the pain. One of the key factors in her performance is that she's not overdoing it: let the chorus speak for her emotions, let the listener relate to her words in a way that would allow him or her to sing along, ultimately sharing the pain with her. These are the musical aspects that make this unlikely collaboration a likely Grammy award winner.”

Wammy Giveaway's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 05, 2010
No Love Promo Photo Eminem - “No Love”

“For a song like "No Love" - the combination of a thumping Detroit hard rock percussion in the tempo of a dirty south production backed by pieces of a forgotten dance number of the 1990's - to appear on an album by an artist who is known for his hardcore battle rhymes and ability to play with the Webster by ways of dark humor. Sounds like "one sucker punch to the gonads," quote Steve Carrell, especially when there's a Haddaway single floating in the airwaves, but believe me when I say this: Eminem, Lil' Wayne and Just Blaze have upgraded their scrotums from skin to steel. It's hard hitting in all areas: while the melody handles the struggle and the beat manages the hustle, Carter's opening verse provide the bubble for Matters when it's his turn to rumble on the mic. A lot of fans will question on Blaze's choice sample for "No Love," simply because it's a pop song, but there's so much energy being thrown at you, your ears begin to accept the shots of Just and soon enough, your head will start to rock. Don't deal with it - enjoy it. Already, it's Wammy Radio potential. If there were a remix to this song, one artist I would want Eminem to look up is Cali's Annimean, representing L.A. His grimey, gritty vocals echo a 90's Fat Joe, who at the time was hungry for attention and showed some promise all in part to Big Pun. I'll leave the chorus to Diamonique.”

Wammy Giveaway's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 09, 2010

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