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Name:   Braveheartz
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Interests: Rap & R'n'B, Football (Soccer), Basketball
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Join Date:          March 26, 2008

Last Login:        July 21, 2010

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Jay Beretta Jay Beretta - “I'm Ready”

“Great debut by Beretta in the booth, def gna look out for him in the future. Good lyrics but its the passion/hunger in his voice that wins me over on this. Don't see wot ppls problem with Tynisha on this track is, think she did great on the hook. Another win for Boi-1da on the production side, matches well with Beretta's personality here.”

Braveheartz's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 22, 2009
Rakim Rakim - “Walk These Streets”

“This the sorta music hip-hop needs. Rakim showin he hasn't let standards drop after bout 20 years in the game. Production by Needlz fitted both Rakim and Maino's style on this track perfectly. Hopin this album will be available in the UK but aint gna hold my breath.”

Braveheartz's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 22, 2009
Wale Wale - “Pretty Girls”

“Bangin' beat and Wale's style fits it great, this is one of the best tracks i've heard from him i think...”

Braveheartz's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 09, 2009
Dead Prez Dead Prez - “Gangsta, Gangster ft. Styles P”

“Been a Dead Prez fan a long time, always speak the truth! Styles P does gud on this track 2, i see the ruff ryders movement comin back strong! Beat goes hard as does the hook...Banger!”

Braveheartz's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 23, 2009
Fonzworth Bentley Fonzworth Bentley - “Greener ft. Anthony Hamilton”

“This is the kinda beat i lyk and i didnt expect fonzworth 2 ride it as gud as he did! When i heard the beat i cudnt c how anthony hamilton would fit with this track, but he proved me wrong!”

Braveheartz's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 23, 2009

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