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T-Pain T-Pain - “Karaoke ft. DJ Khaled”

“No lie this shit is a straight banger! The man has got a point. Get off the voice box! We just need a decent chorus instead of DJ Khaled.”

DJ LP's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 27, 2008
Busta Rhymes Busta Rhymes - “Throw It Up ft. Lil' Wayne & Ludacris”

“Okay we really need to keep PattyPatty85 away from songs that aren't meant for the club. But anyways. Why everyone keep talking about Wayne when this isn't his song? He is just a feature..leave the boy alone. But Cool & Dre keep working their magic and keep dishing out tight beats and production. Busta comes at it hard. I just don't know about his flow sometimes. Luda brings a tight verse and Wayne puts you on a diet. This is real close to a classic but part of the chorus makes it a BANGER”

DJ LP's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 09, 2008
B.G. B.G. - “Ya Heard Me ft. Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, & Trey Songz”

“Okay first off. The Hot Boys havin an early reunion and I'm already excited. We just missing Turk and the Big Tymerz Reunion and we good. But lets get to rating this song. Beat is tight. B.G. rips this song with the help of my boy Juvy and Wayne. Trey Songz helps out the chorus. The only thing I would complain about is better tweaking of the production because it sounds like it came off a mixtape which surprises me for a Cool & Dre production. Besides that...BANGER!!”

DJ LP's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 09, 2008
Rob G
Rob G - “For the Hood (Remix) ft. Dallas Blocker & Rick Ross”

“This song is a straight club jam. Did someone say that this could be compared this to "I put on for my city". We talking about Put on now? Last I checked the original was out way before Put On. But either ways. As I said beat is club. Rhymes are alot better then songs that get rated alot higher around the Booth not to mention the flow/deliver is on point. Dallas Blocker comes up with a new rhyme in the Remix to bring along with Rick Ross. So Its a Club BANGER!”

DJ LP's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 02, 2008
Mannie Fresh Mannie Fresh - “Imma Get Mine ft. The Show & Lil' Wayne”

“I'm loving the Production that Manny Always puts up. Specially on here. Why they gotta be lazy with the Chorus? But I love how Manny puts the snare when Wayne comes on. We just need the rest of the Hot Boyz on and we good cuz we already know Birdman is around the corner if Wayne is around. BANGER!!!”

DJ LP's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 18, 2008

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