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Name:   Shayken
Location: Canterbury, NSW Australia
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Popped Off Promo Photo T.I. - “Popped Off”

“What a gun of a track! Dre's still got that midas touch. It was pretty obvious that Em wrote for Dre, but I don't care coz it's the best I've from Dre on the mic in years. But all in all, the production was a gun and T.I ripped it as usual. It's messed up when you think about how Nate Dogg would've ripped it up on this track...”

Shayken's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 14, 2012
Lotus Flower Bomb Promo Photo Wale - “Lotus Flower Bomb”

“Is it just me or did alot of awesome love making tracks just fall out of the sky and land on the website in the last month?? Wale, fantastic. Miguel, fantastic-er... I was gonna rate it a 3, but after the 2nd playthrough, it's a 4.5”

Shayken's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 23, 2011
Dangerflow Dangerflow - “The Crown”

“This track is hot! First I've heard of Dangerflow, time to google and find more tracks by this "Dangerflow"...”

Shayken's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 23, 2011
We Found Love Promo Photo Rihanna - “We Found Love”

“Ripper of a track, obviosly not for hip hop fans but for the rest, you can't help but tap your feet at the least. If Rihanna continues to change and evolve like she is, she could be the next Madonna. Big statement I know, but she's well on her way... Oh yeah, and Calvin Harris is THE MAN!!”

Shayken's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 23, 2011
Mann Mann - “Get It Girl”

“Man that is just too cool... Made me laugh like Axel Foley when that tune dropped. I'm really thinking 3 coz overall it's just above average, but I'm gonna give it 4 just because of the Beverly Hills Cop theme... :D”

Shayken's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 02, 2011

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