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Name:   Indy-girl
Location: Indianapolis     edit
Interests: Real Estate Development    edit
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Moment 4 Life Promo Photo Nicki Minaj - “Moment 4 Life”

“Hardest Track on the CD.... it was in high rotation!”

Indy-girl's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 05, 2011
6 Foot 7 Foot Promo Photo Lil Wayne - “6 Foot 7 Foot”

“The beat got me going... the beat will hold this track together... reinvented or not, I could shake to it and that is what will count! Second time thru, I listened to the lyrics, and lyrics and lyrics... its seemed to go on forever and I got bored and had to listen again for content. Wayne came a hell of a lot better than his past ish! Wayne fans will be loyal. Overall pretty decent.”

Indy-girl's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 05, 2011
Make a Movie Promo Photo Twista - “Make a Movie”

“And in Chick News... this is on my do it playlist! Rate it how you like.... Banger literally!”

Indy-girl's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 04, 2011
Talib Kweli Talib Kweli - “1st Time”

“No words necessary... I miss you boo boo! My ears love you!”

Indy-girl's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 04, 2011
Look at Me Now Promo Photo Chris Brown - “Look at Me Now”

“BUSTA BUST!!! I got to address him first, cause he RIPPED it! Wayne was cool and Breezy was alright to not really be a "rapper". His abrupt stop didn't bother me as much as that wack azz chorus... REMIX PLEASE! The Beat was catchy as hell, I was bobbing my head before I knew... It's a keeper... seems more like a mixtape track than a slot for the album, but who am I to say?”

Indy-girl's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 04, 2011

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