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Name:   Miss_Breezy
Location: Sumwhere in Oklahoma
Interests: Music, Basketball
URL:   http://www.mspace.com/creekndngurl
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Tay Dizm
Tay Dizm - “Beam Me Up ft. T-Pain & Rick Ross”

“I like dis right here... I know i know everribodyies like T-pain is on everrithang but he makes it gud to listen to.. Rick Ross always got gud lyrics and Tay Dizm is doing his thang. Love the beat.. Yep Yep Beam Me Up.....”

Miss_Breezy's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2008
Ray J Ray J - “Where You At ft. The Game”

“Love it, Love it, Ray J is do it and do it well and Game kilz it yep... The beat is crazy... Lyrics is what im talkin bout... <*Miss Breezy*>”

Miss_Breezy's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 03, 2008
Colby O'Donis Colby O'Donis - “What You Got ft. Akon”

“Yep Yep.... I love Colby O's voice... He sound so good and in the lyrics I'm feeling. He with Akon in this song is jus crazy... It makes me like it even more... I'm feeling it if you not your crazy... The beat it doin' it.”

Miss_Breezy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 25, 2008
Three 6 Mafia Three 6 Mafia - “Lolli, Lolli' (Pop That Body) ft. Project Pat”

“I like this song.. Not really the name tho... The lyrics were nice..”

Miss_Breezy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 25, 2008
Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - “Lollipop”

“I love this song Lil' Wayne is doin' it right here... I love the slow beat and how Lil' Wayne slows it down... This is ma kinda song. I'm gonna be listenin' to dis... Yea I be callin'.... Yep This is that song I been wait to hear special from Lil' Wayne.... He like that, I love this... <*Miss_Breezy*>”

Miss_Breezy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 12, 2008

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