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Name:   mellomusic
Location: Seoul, Arizona
Interests: Hiphop, Jazz, Space, Soul & fOnk
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Join Date:          September 23, 2010

Last Login:        January 23, 2012

Total Ratings:    33

mellomusic's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Non Fiction Promo Photo DJ Babu - “Non Fiction”

“Dope, I had been listening to a different version of this but was glad to see it come out fresh! Big up to Trek & Babu, two big names in the game.”

mellomusic's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 21, 2011
Oddisee Oddisee - “For Certain”

mellomusic's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 30, 2011
Keep On Promo Photo DTMD - “Keep On”

“Talented young cats, with a classic sound. Makin' Dollas is a great debut.”

mellomusic's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 31, 2011
Still Doing It Promo Photo Oddisee - “Still Doing It”

“This song is dope. This album is relaxing as hell, maybe my favorite Oddisee album ever. (caveman gives everything the label puts out a two - thanks dude, appreciated, lol)”

mellomusic's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 25, 2011
The Trenches (Troubled Water Remix) Promo Photo Daily Bread - “The Trenches (Troubled Water Remix)”

“Back w/ that grit! Love the grimy slow bangers Apollo made for Hassaan. Shout to DJ Booth to for always offering a variety of dope music.”

mellomusic's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 14, 2011

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