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Omarion Omarion - “I Get It In”

“I actually like the version with Lil Wayne better, but this is still a good song...in my opinion. This is something totally different on O's part, but I think it just might work in his favor. When I first heard it I wasn't really feeling it, but I listened to it a 2nd time and caught myself vibing to it. Maybe I'm a little bias cause I'm a fan of Omarion's, but that doesn't matter. Overall this is a hit or miss record for him. I def think he's taking a risk with this song and either people will fall in love with it or hate it.”

JaykGreg's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 28, 2009
Eminem Eminem - “Old Time's Sake”

“Initially the production on here grabs my attention. It def has that classic Dre feel to it. In my opinion its not a song that i hear and say.."man i gotta here that sh*t again!!" But its certainly not a bad song. Far from it. Eminem always comes correct to me. No matter what he does. I usually like all of his stuff. I'm ready for the Relapse to be released. Eminem is here to show people why he's one of the greatest.”

JaykGreg's Rating:                     Posted on May 05, 2009
cas One cas One - “Flashbacks ft. Brother Ali”

“This song creates a really mellow/chill vibe for me. I kind of just want Cas One to be quiet so i can just listen to the music. As I continue to listen to the song I'm actually enjoying it. Cas One's flow def isn't bad. His flow and this song is def commercial...in a good way/i think the public would feel him. It has a certain spark to it...i'm interested in hearing more. Whoah...i totally thought something was wrong with my computer when i started to hear this piano playing...nice touch...i really like it/it puts me in a certain mood. (that was def my fav part of that song)”

JaykGreg's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 15, 2009
Chrisette Michele Chrisette Michele - “What You Do ft. Ne-Yo”

“Chrisette Michele isn't typically someone that I'd really listen to. Her voice is def different from what's out there right now, and that's a good thing. I'm kind of feeling this...she sort of sounds like Fantasia and her lyrics remind me of something Jasmine Sullivan would sing about. Neyo is certainly a good look on here. His voice meshes well with the production and hers. Her voice def stands out so having a singer like Neyo who's voice isn't overpowering was a smart move. This song is def for the older crowd and should get a lot of play in lounges. Overall i like it and its going on the pod.”

JaykGreg's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 15, 2009
Redd Hott
Redd Hott - “Glide For Me ft. Bobby V”

“Bobby V sound really nice on here. His voice fits the production perfectly. Wow, I didn't think this was a reggae type song. I'm really not a fan of reggae music, but this isn't all that bad. Bobby V. def adds that crossover affect to the song. From a creative standpoint i think that was a smart move. Although i can't really understand what he's saying I'm feeling the chorus and the overall song is hot.”

JaykGreg's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 10, 2009

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