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born2$cratch's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Fast Lane Promo Photo Bad Meets Evil - “Fast Lane”

“Em's second verse was FUCKING INSANE!!! I wanna see the white chick that did Look At Me Now cover this.”

born2$cratch's Rating:                     Posted on May 01, 2011
1982 1982 - “You Should Go Home”

“Dope. The highlight of this record for me is the hook. The piano's nice too.”

born2$cratch's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 09, 2010
Hard Times Promo Photo John Legend - “Hard Times”

“So far everything they've put out together has been amazing.While all my friends are psyched for halo reach i'm just waiting for Wake Up!”

born2$cratch's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 09, 2010
Lookin' for Ya (Jedi Remix) Promo Photo Big Boi - “Lookin' for Ya (Jedi Remix)”

“Dope as anything else that comes out from Andre, big boi, or boi-1da. Boi-1da's synth filled beat and the great verses have caused me to keep this on repeat for like 24 hours now. Banger.”

born2$cratch's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 09, 2010
Devil in a New Dress Promo Photo Kanye West - “Devil in a New Dress”

“Even though I still think that power and the remix are better records, this is the kind of kanye I like. If the entire albums material i as good as the singles have been, I think were in for a classic”

born2$cratch's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 07, 2010

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