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Name:   records402
Location: Lincoln, NE
Interests: Music, Movies
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Join Date:          February 7, 2008

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Live Your Life Promo Photo T.I. - “Live Your Life”

“Album of the Year, Paper Trail Sept 30th! Cop Dat, No Doubt 1 million sales in the first week. I JUST PRAY the Dam RADIO DONT RUIN THIS ONE TOO.”

records402's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 17, 2008
Jeezy Jeezy - “Put On ft. Kanye West”

“Jeezy is Sick! Jeezy is BACK! Jeezy always has been right there ready to break into mainstream. No one has shown enough love, an now with the help of Megastar Kanye he is BACK!”

records402's Rating:                     Posted on May 05, 2008
Common Common - “I Have a Dream”

“I love how Will.I.Am. Is producing this and Yes We Can with Barack OBama, sounds just like it! I love him man. There's no way u can rate this less than a four, its a DREAMTEAM with Common, Will.I.Am and MLK!”

records402's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 09, 2008
Usher Usher - “Love In This Club ft. Young Jeezy”

“This is Bumpin'! Ushers back, Cant wait for this”

records402's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 07, 2008

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