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Name:   CrownHeightsInc
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Interests: Music
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Power Promo Photo Kanye West - “Power”

“Classic!!! The arrogance is so refreshing radio was getting too watered down glad Ye’ back show these rappers how to do it. I have to say my favorite song at the moment. Rhymes are slick and witty where perfectly delivered…”

CrownHeightsInc's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 07, 2010
Live Fast Die Young Promo Photo Rick Ross - “Live Fast Die Young”

“Can you say ROOOZZZAYYYYYYY!!!! Im be honest Rick has me wide open I can’t wait to receive my copy of Teflon Don. Ross is definitely building the hype behinds his next album. Every album he has went #1 on the charts and with a bangin single “Port of Miami” had “Hustlin”, “Trilla” had “Boss” & “Maybach Music”, this third installment had growth with the John Legend assistance “Magnificent“. Ross one of the only artist delivering video after video from his hit mixtape “Albert Anastasia” receiving co-signs with Diddy you have to admit he is on his grind hate’em or love’em he is bringing heat to your ears. Kanye delivered an effortless verse and the production is great I remember when Three Six used on Project Pats “Mista Don’t Play” album overall this record is a banger people!!!”

CrownHeightsInc's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 07, 2010
Trillionaire Promo Photo Bun B - “Trillionaire”

“Bun always does his thing always looking forward to a Bun B verse... The production was tough shout out to Justice League...”

CrownHeightsInc's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 07, 2010
Big K.R.I.T. Big K.R.I.T. - “2000 & Beyond”

“" church give awards to the best dressed pastor, drivin bentleys got me thinking Iam less blessed cuz I let the middle man, he was cappin what im askin, I dont understand, how you fit? that many rings on a helping hand, tired of deception but I pay his kids tuition cuz im tryin to get to heaven." do yall hear what he is sayin? the lyrics are so on point its crazy PBP!! (Point Blank Period)”

CrownHeightsInc's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 07, 2010
Love the Way You Lie Promo Photo Eminem - “Love the Way You Lie”

“Classic production Alex Da Kid is on fire with this one... sounds like Em is spittin pure poetry on this one definitely a banger!!!”

CrownHeightsInc's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 07, 2010

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The Adventures of Bobby Ray  Promo Photo B.o.B - “The Adventures of Bobby Ray ”

“I have been a fan of B.O.B for a minute now, with all of his mixtapes. I've had quite some time to listen to each track now, and multiple times coming to the conclusion that this CD is a classic surprised me! B.O.B is such a talented musician yes, not just a rapper, a musician. The collaborations on the album are perfect, Bruno Mars the collab with Hayley Williams is also incredible, and you can't go wrong with Eminem. Then the one with TIP was cool, but I Every track is unique and fun to listen to. I wish it were a bit longer of an album, but I can't complain because not one track is really worth skipping over. Highlights include: Don't Let Me Fall Nothin' On You Airplanes 1 and 2 Fame 5Th Dimension Lovelier Than You but to be real, every track can be considered a highlight.”

CrownHeightsInc's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 07, 2010

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