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Base for Your Face Promo Photo Lil B - “Base for Your Face”

“oh my god based god. .....I wish he made look like jesus pt2”

SetGecko's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 11, 2011
I Ain't Thru Promo Photo Keyshia Cole - “I Ain't Thru”

“nicki minaj verse is a banger to me.”

SetGecko's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 08, 2010
RIght Above It Promo Photo Lil Wayne - “RIght Above It”

“Wayne has greatest punchlines EVER! I mean EVER! just listen to this….. “I’m so fly I fell asleep on a fucking plane”! I mean it is so complex if you think about it – usually you can fall asleep on a plane onlyin business class, because in other classes it stinks like a motherfucker. So if he flies business class he must be rich and dress fly! also he said “fucking plane”, which means plane where they fuck! I mean how much confidence do you need to fall asleep while fucking! amazing! “Guns turn you boys to pussies, sex change” thats another classic! Like if you think about it, boys cant have pussies right? so they have to change their sex to be like them! and he does it with simple guns! On the other hand when he pulls out his guns boys turn to pussies and hoes and he is a pimp! (check out his song from da drought is over 2 series called im pimp – he says that he is apimp there) so these boys start to work their pussies off and earn money for him – therefore sex change! use your heads you fucken haters! 3) “I’m in the building you niggaz in apartments” – this line is one of those deep social commentary lines and took me a while to figure out. Remember when black people were living by their master like dogs? now they can buy apartments like other normal people! Lil Wayne reflects on how far black people progressed from opressed monkeys to respectable men. Lil Wayne is the best raper alive! On the serious note verses were 3.5 for me, but this catchy hook bumps it up half a star for me. Where is I'm Me??”

SetGecko's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 06, 2010
Joe Budden Joe Budden - “Short Summer”

“I guess the only way for an artist to make good music is to be broke bum like joe budden”

SetGecko's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 23, 2010
Rick Ross Rick Ross - “Free Mason”

“that sh*t was totally BAWSE to me. 50 is biting his nails”

SetGecko's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 12, 2010

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