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Loyal Promo Photo Chris Brown - “Loyal”

“Didn't really expect this song to blow up as much as it has, considering Chris' legal troubles, but it goes to show good music will always prevail. Chris is a hit making machine, and he's only getting better with time. Wayne's feature was cool and I think I enjoyed Tyga's guest verse out of all the versions out. Beat thumps! Dope video too, hopefully this will get his album a release date! Giving this a 5, despite some of the disrespectful lyrics, I've been bumping this since it dropped”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 06, 2014
Drake Drake - “Draft Day”

“Don't how people can actually question whether Drake can rap or not. He's proved himself over and over again since his first mixtape. Perhaps they only pay attention to his R&B skewed tracks. This is great, beat is brilliant.”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 02, 2014
High as Hell Promo Photo B.o.B - “High as Hell”

“This is mean. That beat was insane! Piano is haunting. Hook is catchy, B.o.B went in and Wiz was killed it. Great effort”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 01, 2014
Benediction Promo Photo August Alsina - “Benediction”

“Dope track! Refreshing to hear some soulful R&B that isn't using the same old trap rap format. Didn't even mind Rick Ross on this. Perhaps August's best chance of a hit post I Love This Sh!t...looking forward to his album”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 18, 2014
Aerosol Can Promo Photo Major Lazer - “Aerosol Can”

“So dope! Beat is genius. Reminds me of a sparse Neptunes beat like Milkshake by Kelis or ATM Jam. Pharrell absolutely killed it. Always been a fan of his rapping. Major Lazer are my favourite act right now”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 03, 2014

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SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon”

“I like this. Although it's nowhere near the classic material of A Kid Called Cudi and MOTM 1 & 2, it's definitely a return to form of some sort. Indicud was terribly underwhelming and I didn't get into WZRD at all. The melody's are much more refined on this project than anything on his last two albums and the production is intriguing. A nice short album to chill with. Looking forward to MOTM 3 when it (hopefully) finally drops next year”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 06, 2014
Because The Internet Promo Photo Childish Gambino - “Because The Internet”

“This album is awesome. Definitely one of this year's best and it's been a great year for hip hop. The sonics are pretty incredible and Bino can rap his ass off. It's extremely versatile and reminds me a lot of Frank Ocean's Channel Orange”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 12, 2013
Born Sinner Promo Photo J. Cole - “Born Sinner”

“The traditional hip hop that was missing from Yeezus can be found here. This is impressive - a much better album than Cole World. His raps have improved drastically. Not to mention his beats, they sound great. The Truly Yours series was also a great listen. I hope J. Cole finally gets his props with this. 4 stars”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 18, 2013

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