One in a Million Promo Photo Ne-Yo - “One in a Million”

“This track is above average. A music video makes any video better, and the video to this track itself; makes the track look a& hear awesome at the same time. This is still gona b a hit!”

DionT's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 21, 2010
Just the Way You Are Promo Photo Bruno Mars - “Just the Way You Are”

“Damn, bruno can sing :)) omg,.. this track....theres no doubt that bruno is one of the best artists out there...his past songs, callaborating with B.o.B. and also Travie are hot; but like this track is totally awesome! Vocals are of the roof! No. 1 for sure!”

DionT's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 21, 2010
Solo Promo Photo I.Y.A.Z - “Solo”

“I think this song is unreal and as good as REPLAY, however the song may need to grow on you. IYAZ certainly climbing up the ranks. Nice one ;)”

DionT's Rating:                     Posted on May 06, 2010

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