Goines Goines - “Fed Up”

“"Pardon me if you feel offended see I'm fed up heart full of vengeance "! I cosign”

SHAMWOW's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 21, 2011
Goines Goines - “Runnin”

“Solid performance from Goines and Joshua. Glad these two hooked up Dope and Progressive! SMKA on the beat! RUNNING ON REPEAT!”

SHAMWOW's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 11, 2011
The Making of the Black Icon Promo Photo Goines - “The Making of the Black Icon”

“GOINES! He really went in on this one. I'm continuosly impressed with Goines's lyrical skills, he's definitely a talent not to be slept on!”

SHAMWOW's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 16, 2010
Arkansas Bo Arkansas Bo - “Party and Bulls#@t”

“BO's is real,charismatic, and has a great sense of humor. He always delivers a story his fans can relate to. I love his voice and I'm always impressed with lyrical skills. Def a artist I will always enjoy listening to! Ready to Party and Bulls#@t!”

SHAMWOW's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 09, 2010
Leader of the New School Promo Photo Goines - “Leader of the New School”

“Talent is sooo in tact!!”

SHAMWOW's Rating:                     Posted on May 18, 2010

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