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Keri Hilson Keri Hilson - “Energy”

“You know. Keri Hilson, Just got's 'it'. I think that as a producer for many well known artists; Britney Spears, Omarion, and some others. She has been in the business a while, I believe I read her Bio and it said she has been producing since 99' Which when you think about it is very smart. She knows the game, and Im siked for her to get to the point where she is Beyonce Status. She sure has it, and I believe that in the single, "Scream" She showed us she can outsing, Nicole Scherzinger fo' sho'. So yes, this is a good single.”

qtpiesteve's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 03, 2008
Danity Kane Danity Kane - “Damaged”

“I definately know what this is about, haha check the avatar and the profile. Believe me. Anywho, this album is a different stretch from the other one, with a more matured poppy, R&B sound it's definately gonna be a hit. Their ablbum is solid, and I like the intro where Diddy welcomes people to the dollhouse, that track is sick. I do kinda wish he wouldn't be all on the track at the end. But you know. Anywho, it's definately a hot single and the video os fire.”

qtpiesteve's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 17, 2008
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson - “Luv”

“Hahaha. its Janet. I mean...really. Its JANET BITCHES! Hahahaha.”

qtpiesteve's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 29, 2008
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey - “Touch My Body”

“You know for being the comeback as many have said, they expected less. With Mariah, it's interesting because whether or not she samples tracks from oh let's say the tom tom club, or Brenda Star, she still puts it out there and lets it known that she is definately a show stopper. I think people need to take less consideration of her personal life, because you know some ya'all have done some scandelous shit out there. And focus on the artist. So personally, I think the song is very well produced and sung. With Mariah you're damned if you do and damned if you don't meaning, that people complain if she hits the high notes, and complain if she doesn't. There is no making everyone happy especially in the music industry. Believe me, I know. But what ya'all should be realizing that her success in this business is Monumental. And I think this has potential to definately be a top single. Yes maybe Number one. But who cares, on the album she's going to have 15 more songs to make that attempt.”

qtpiesteve's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 29, 2008
Alicia Keys Alicia Keys - “Like You'll Never See Me Again”

“This actually is one of the best tracks on the album, fo sho'”

qtpiesteve's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 08, 2008
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson - “Feedback”

“She is doin' what she does best. Makin a beat that is good enough for people to listen to, and dance to. Ive always said Janet isnt a Vocalist, but as a Choreographer/Dancer, her songs are the shit. Her beat's are always on point. And I dont know why ya'all are sayin' I miss old Janet. THAT WAS 1984 GET OVA' it. She has a new style, that suits her. She is definately a Dancer's artist.”

qtpiesteve's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 08, 2008

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