If It Feels Right [Premiere] Promo Photo Jason James - “If It Feels Right [Premiere]”

“That's my brother right there, so of course the bias is expected. But seriously from the production to the subject matter/flow this joint is the perfect re-introduction to the Web/Rodney re-volution. Here's to hip-hop...”

Shane_Eli's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 19, 2010
Novel Novel - “State of Loneliness”

“Always been a huge fan of Novel - he's prolific and so versatile which is something I appreciate about other artists - and this one is a nice slow burn. Usually I leave these types of records to the homie D'Angelo, but between getting busted for drug possession and getting nabbed for soliciting bj's, I've been spending a lot more time playing Novel's music on the ipod, and this is the reason why... Almost classic.”

Shane_Eli's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 08, 2010
Small Something Promo Photo Saheed - “Small Something”

“This dude is amazing. I'm blown away. Content as well as flow. Holler at me Saheed, I've got beats for you.”

Shane_Eli's Rating:                     Posted on May 07, 2010

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