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Sugar Water Promo Photo Nate Good - “Sugar Water”

samcprojects's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 30, 2013
I Could Promo Photo Yonas - “I Could”

“Inspirational, artistic & incomparable. The message that this record holds is what takes it to a level that NO other djbooth emcee can reach. Not only does it leave listeners with that *feel good* feeling but it also motivates and leaves a positive footprint in your soul. It's only a matter of time before fate takes its course with Yonas. This man is a class act and as long as he continues to be himself, the sky is the limit. Applause to Yonas & Divine - - SC”

samcprojects's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 01, 2010
Nobody Else Promo Photo Yonas - “Nobody Else”

“What's left to say about Yonas & Divine? These two just have what it takes to make classic records. I'm a believer and I'll support them both 4 life. #fact”

samcprojects's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 11, 2010

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