Novel Novel - “Switch It Up”

“The track is very creative but seems simply put together. But hey! when your this talented; creativity makes it all look easy but thats not to take away from his art. The sample from "U do it for me" by Algebra is one of the good attributes of the song. Algebra/Novel came correct adding colorful vocals that float into your ears creating a relief from Novel's lyrical skills at attacking the issue of cliche artist. "Swith it up" is the beginning of that refreshing style we've long been loyal to in hiphop. Novel Modernized the 90's sound while at the same time not forgetting to pay homage (indirectly) to the hiphop culture that hatched him musically. Batting above .900?? doesn't matter, dude is knockin'em out of the park left & right!! FreeAgent..F*ck it, I'd sign him.”

SolomonII's Rating:                     Posted on May 24, 2010
Rocki Evans Rocki Evans - “Shape of My Heart”

“I could listen to this over and over... I love the soul with simplicity. I like what he brings. Its much needed. I'd knock this in the whip too with that baseline..;)”

SolomonII's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 09, 2010
Rocki Evans Rocki Evans - “Fantastic”

“I like this, I feel like he could've done more on the vocals but I like what I hear so far. Can't wait to see wassup next!!”

SolomonII's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 01, 2010

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