Terrorize Promo Photo Young Scolla - “Terrorize”

“This is another one of those records that really show Scolla's diversity as an artist. I'm glad we were able to release this and have people embrace the record the way they are. The Young Scolla Meets SMKA project is SPECIAL! Can't wait to release it to the public. DJBooth Thanks for your support as always!”

Barry.Hefner's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 11, 2011
Venting Promo Photo Young Scolla - “Venting”

“The opinion I'm about to delivery isn't a bias one at all, Since we represent Scolla everyone would think that we would just always agree w/ his music, but I actually respect his creativity & uniqueness by giving him his space to make his own decision w/ the direction of his music & just support it to the fullest. But when I heard this "Venting" freestyle that I had been on him about doing for the last 2 months I was reassured once again about why we got behind him as an artist. Scolla delivery is always on point, their always realness in his personal life and life lesson in his music. In the trying times that we are all face w/ in this world today Scolla brings hope to his listeners who are stuck in that dark place looking for a way out. We are missing a lot of leaders in this world today, music is also taking a hit to the commercial media titans that now control it but this is another pure reason to support a young artist that is passionate about his craft... This freestyle touch me when I heard it, it's def in rotation and the public has spoke so i'll give it a 4.5 if I could but 5 still I cant. Cause its that dope”

Barry.Hefner's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 19, 2010
Young Scolla Young Scolla - “Decisions”

“As a young man who has watch this industry take a nose dive in the wrong direction, Young Scolla I feel like bring something different & some truth back to the game. Remember Hip-hop was a way for us to up-lifted our culture & hold our head high in struggling times. When you hear Scolla you hear the people speaking not the bullshit you see & hear on TV that isn't reality... How many of y'all are exactly where you wanna be?? Lets keep it real”

Barry.Hefner's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 18, 2010

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