“Well this is refreshing, not to mention fantastic. It is mellow yet upbeat, and he flows very nicely over it. And despite how much I enjoyed the beat itself, the lyrics were even better. I feel as though I cannot hate on it at all, thoroughly enjoyable in every aspect. “Another day, new success. Tell them hater’s be happy, put that bs to rest.” I wish you the utmost success, cheers on a classic BOOGNIGHTS, cheers.”

Fenom's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 06, 2010
K. Sparks K. Sparks - “Feelings”

“Quite nice. I always like to hear piano incorporated into a song and this is no exception. Definitely one of my favorite K. Sparks to date; although he does seem to always put out quality songs. However, in regards to the line: "I’m feelin’ less determined, feelin’ more discouraged, but even in that word alone you find the word ‘courage." Come on… I feel as though that is somewhat obvious and just a poor line… Yes, clearly the word courage is found in discourage, thank you for that K. Sparks, thank you. But I feel as though “I’ll shut your ass down, like ctrl alt del.” makes up for it. All in all solid song; however regardless of how courageous that line was meant to be, it alone was enough to discourage a rating of 5 (hope that didn’t go over your heads…). *The word able is in the word disable… Just saying.”

Fenom's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 06, 2010

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