Mathien Mathien - “The Definition”

“lol man this song i tite lol and whats up with all these whiteboys comming up in the game im not tryen to b racist its the opposite im wondering why it tooko em so long first em,then roth,then mike, now chris”

EDDIE562's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 17, 2009
K. Sparks K. Sparks - “God's Love”

“first off i dont think you can give a bad rate to a song about god bt even soo this ish was fire to began with loved everything about its sad the radio dont play real MC's like k.sparks”

EDDIE562's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 17, 2009
Jay Rock Jay Rock - “I'm Good Too”

“the beat is real nice jay rock verse was dope....and like cali24 said thought he was from watts...because in a few songs you hear him say(BOUNTY HUNTERS WATTS)”

EDDIE562's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 16, 2009

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