The ILLZ The ILLZ - “Energy in Motion”

“i have a feeling he has a lot more material to surprise us with. regardless it's good music and we can't complain compared to what we are getting now adays”

Boy Won's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 08, 2010
The ILLZ The ILLZ - “Faded”

“You already know what it is, I'm waiting for for that DJ Booth exclusive footage to come out! Where it at Z! Where it at!”

Boy Won's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 18, 2009
The ILLZ The ILLZ - “Prelude to the Sickness”

“If you like what you hear and want to download more music -->> <<-- First time I heard this I knew Nathan would love it. Too bad he's at the B-Ball game in the BOX!? Shouts to Nathan & Z... Thank you for everything guys. Appreciate the love!”

Boy Won's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 11, 2009

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