Rio Rio - “So You Say”

“He killed it. this was done in a way that it would find success playing in the coffee shop or on a urban radio hip hop and R&B show. very nice showing”

dredijgi's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 01, 2012
Pyramids Promo Photo Frank Ocean - “Pyramids”

“the first half is ok.. but the second half is where it hits. It feels like he was throwing every instrument he could find on the song and then spent a full minute leaving you hanging as you wait for the guitars to open up and rock but nothing happens. I can't tell if that was perfect for leaving listeners wanting more or if i was just left disappointed. overall this is very good.. I like when the artist is not afraid to take the risk of being original instead of going with the flow.”

dredijgi's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 13, 2012
Ne-Yo Ne-Yo - “Never Knew I Needed”

dredijgi's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 10, 2009

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