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Pill Pill - “Blow Up”

“i guess im in the minority here but this is DOPE im really feelin the production and pills flow is nice. IYAZ does a good job on the chorus for the most part and the last verse is murder. this probably wont put pill on the map like it was maybe meant to but it will be playing on my ipod consistently”

rock_chalk63's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 20, 2010
Just a Dream Promo Photo Nelly - “Just a Dream”

“damn the song wasnt even half over and i was already singin the hook. addicting, hopefully he can get back to some of that country grammer shit that i grew up to”

rock_chalk63's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 31, 2010
Gettin' BiZzy Promo Photo XV - “Gettin' BiZzy”

“XV always comes hard. proudly representin the ks”

rock_chalk63's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 15, 2010

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