Audio Push Audio Push - “Teach Me How to Jerk”

“Phil Blount must be smok'n too many blunt/backwoods. lolol. This sound is totally fresh and aint even a Jerk Beat! That's what makes this joint fire! It sounds nothing like the other jerk songs because producers Kadis & Sean have mad musical range! They killed Busta Rymes "Breath Like That" and Choppers "Lil Daddy" on Hustle & Flow soundtrack. Also, Audio Push aint copy cats, dudes been around before New Boyz just like Cold Flames. Yall just old and outta the loop of what's bump'n in the streets! Look, you aint gotta like it, but ya'll need to step ya critic game up! On Jerk music in general, I'm a real old Hip Hop head (prior to Rakim), and this trend/movement is Hip Hop at its most authentic. Like Hyphy and Krump, It started in the streets, and was made by kidz,and for kidz to jam to, and now labels are now trying to profit. That's totally diff than other dance songs (mostly made down south) which are purely made to sell records! Time for u older dawgs to start wearing suits & ties and grow up or sump'n cuz ths is music made by young kidz in the streets & for young people! Chomp on my truth! Get some Hip Hop knowledge before just hat'n! Love all pure Hip Hip and this is as pure as it gets! Real Throwback culture!”

Teach1's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 07, 2009

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