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R. Kelly R. Kelly - “Echo”

“Pretty good. Definitely an unexpected, but unsurprising twist from R. Kelly with the yodeling and how well it works. I typically don't like slowed down beats/songs, but the few that I do are most always from R. Kelly. This one included.”

scharpfuzz's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 30, 2009
Baron Von Alias Baron Von Alias - “Overload”

“I love UK Rap/Hip-Hop, and I hope this means we're going to hear more stuff from UK artists. Seriously, I'd love to hear some more from Sway, Tinchy Stryder, N Dubz, and the like, especially on here. If not here, anyone know of a good website where I can get some of that stuff before it's made it's way to the US after three years?”

scharpfuzz's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Fuze The Mc Fuze The Mc - “Here We Go”

“Man, this guy is really good. Lacks the "fan service" feel of Super Music, but that's not a bad thing. He really shines here, and something tells me he's going to be shining a lot in the future. Sick song. Everything I've heard from him so far is really unique. Lyrics, beats, and overall production. I can't wait to see where Fuze is going.”

scharpfuzz's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 03, 2009

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