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Long Live the King Promo Photo King Mez - “Long Live the King”

“WOW! I did not expect this, the growth in Mez is soooo much! His production, flow & attitude has more variety now, this is such a great album and I can't stop pressing play, keep it coming Mez, this is such a big change from My Everlasting Zeal, lovin' it.”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 14, 2014
SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon”

“Worst work? Dam CuDi keeps getting better with time I can see that, pity you can't, this is a classic side project album, can't get enough, so hypnotizing”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 03, 2014
Oxymoron Promo Photo ScHoolboy Q - “Oxymoron”


Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 25, 2014
Because The Internet Promo Photo Childish Gambino - “Because The Internet”


Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 11, 2013
Nothing Was the Same Promo Photo Drake - “Nothing Was the Same”

“The more you listen, the more it grows, up therw ith Take Care, I'm hooked. Beautiful.”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 22, 2013
Better Off Dead Promo Photo Flatbush ZOMBiES - “Better Off Dead”

“Wow, this is amazing just like 'DRUGS', ighly recommend”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 12, 2013
R.O.S.E. (Result of Society's Evil) Promo Photo Phil Adé - “R.O.S.E. (Result of Society's Evil)”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 02, 2013
Watching Movies With The Sound Off Promo Photo Mac Miller - “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”

“1st up, this was better than Yeezus, as solid as Yeezus was. 2ndly, Mac has stepped up in the album, Blue Slide Park was so average to me and a let down, Macadellic was a classic tape that has lead to this album, which I rate up there with Macadellic. Objects in the Mirror, REmember, Avian, Red Dot Music etc the whole album is like God has come down and told me not to give up, honestly, it's like Tyler, some dig his sound, other's will call it the devil's work, this sound WORKS so well for Miller, and the way he is writing is improving a lot too. This to me I'll be playing over & over again for the years to come along with K.I.D.S & Macadellic.”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 21, 2013
Yeezus Promo Photo Kanye West - “Yeezus”

“Wow, one of the best thing about the booth, is the reviews, this is spot-on, and all other reviews I've read can't hold a candle to this one, big thanks to Richard for all the work he puts in the Booth. I am so happy, that Cole's album is above Yeezy's rating wise, I've seen too many sites either equal or Yeezy on top, not that Yeezy had a bad album, just Cole to me will stand the test of time and there is a lot more lyrical value there and soul in his music. I enjoy Yeezus, it's easily been passed the 10 time play mark on my iPod but it's not something I'll be playing in the next few years unlike Dark Twisted Fantasy. I am a fan of the 808's Yeezy though. A highly enjoyable album and can't wait to see what Kanye gift wraps for us next.”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 21, 2013
Born Sinner Promo Photo J. Cole - “Born Sinner”

“Wow, does nobody else feel this is a classic? Album is flawless from start to finish, and I didn't even hear a SINGLE person mention runaway, that song is just beautiful. also trouble & rich n***az, massive songs from the album and no one's mentioned them, it flows right through. I can't get enough this is easily the best album of 2013 so far. Cole>Statik>Mac>Yeezy (And all the albums ARE good)”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 21, 2013
Acid Rap Promo Photo Chance the Rapper - “Acid Rap”

“Easily up for album of the year with Ghost & Tyler”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on May 01, 2013
Indicud Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “Indicud”

“To be honest, the albums tracks all the way past 'Girls' was classic CuDi, I was in absolute bliss. To be honest 'Red Eye' was a track I couldn't really get into but I can see the catchyness of it, just didn't like Haim's vocals.'Burn Baby Burn' was pretty forgettable too. I think I was just expecting one of the best albums of all time, sure it's one hell of an album but to me it didn't touch MOTM 1, probably equal with MOTM 2, and haters gon hate but WZRD was amazing, I loved that direction he was taking, still is in parts of the album, that aside I'm still one happy camper. One of the best intro songs ever, easily half the album has huge replay value and memories, this is why CuDi is my favourite artist, connection through music & simplicity. Just amazing. Top tracks I'd say. 1. Unfuckwittable 2. Immortal 3. Just What I Am 4. Beez 5. Cold Blooded To me not an instant classic but in time, hell I can see it easily, I'll probably grow to love the songs I'm not enjoying”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 21, 2013
Wolf Promo Photo Tyler, The Creator - “Wolf”

“I could go into giant detail. I'm not. Best album 2013 so far.”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 09, 2013
The KechStrumententals: Eclectic Oceans Promo Photo kechPhrase - “The KechStrumententals: Eclectic Oceans”

“Wow, so, so, good, any chance of a download?”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 29, 2013
Jesus Piece Promo Photo Game - “Jesus Piece”

“Sorry Booth, but I feel this is Game's best album after Documentary, just so many great tracks, and the features mostly fit, and game holds his own on EVERY track imo. I think this album has rebuilt my faith in him.”

Aussie_Accents's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 11, 2013

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