Ready Promo Photo Kovas - “Ready”

“I'm actually feeling the vibe on this one I was slow on wax on wax off, but it really grew on me and then I heard his freestyle on djbooth and I was impressed with the kid can spit then I heard he did a official remix for Usher I think this kid is gonna go far. This song is on some stadium music sh*t. I wont be surprised is I hear this at a basketball or football game soon. Big record no doubt.”

yessir's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 09, 2010
Kovas Kovas - “In The Building”

“He did his thing I'm downloading his mixtape right now and I'm going to iTunes fam to get that ep. Nice!! After hearing this I like Wax On Wax Off better because I know he's playing "possum" on that track”

yessir's Rating:                     Posted on May 08, 2009

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