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Most Confident EP Promo Photo Create & Devastate - “Most Confident EP”

Steez Diamante's Rating:                   Posted on May 21, 2013
Black Kennedy Promo Photo KAZE - “Black Kennedy”

“#BlackKennedy shows and proves that KAZE is still one of the sharpest tongued emcees in the game, salute!”

Steez Diamante's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 21, 2013
Everywhere & Nowhere Promo Photo Butta Verses - “Everywhere & Nowhere”

“Butta Verses has consistently delivered quality releases since he stepped on the scene. With 'Everywhere & Nowhere,' BV literally gives us a free album.. not a street album, not a mixtape.. but an actual album, both mixed and mastered, with top shelf production. This is a must download!”

Steez Diamante's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 01, 2013
Back in Business EP Promo Photo Matt Patterson - “Back in Business EP”

“Matt explains his artistic development with his sophomore effort: "To me this project means progress. If you listen to my debut project and compare it to Back In Business, it's impossible to not see my growth as an artist in everything from the songwriting to the vocals to the ad-libs." I think this project makes it clear that I'm here, I do this, and I'm not going anywhere. That's something I'm proud of.  When asked why he chose to work exclusively with producer KQuick on Back In Business, Matt explains: "The studio chemistry between the two of us is money. Seeing him make these elaborate beats from scratch never ceases to amaze me. Being there from the first chord to the beats' completion lets me really take control of the song's direction and it's sound. Not to mention KQuick is also an incredibly talented vocal producer and engineer."”

Steez Diamante's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 31, 2013
PV$$Y RICH Promo Photo Wais P (The Pimp) - “PV$$Y RICH”

“Shouts to Wais P for delivering another incredible project!”

Steez Diamante's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 24, 2013

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