The Lady Killer Promo Photo Cee-Lo Green - “The Lady Killer”

“Wow Nathan S., no negative comments yet only a 4 star rating? Don't make sense to me. I came into this album expecting a very good album, but one that wasn't going to fit my style. Man, I sure was wrong. This is a great album and even though it normally wouldn't be my style, something about it jus came so refreshing and personal to me. I was digging this album from start to finish. This is so good in fact that I. Heavily debated with myself on whether to give this a classic rating. Finally, I came to the conclusion its a near classic. I sure do hope this wins a grammy though because it just turned me into a big time fan when I never thought too much of Cee Lo Green. 4.5 stars Fav songs: 1. Bright Lights, Bigger City 2. Old Fashioned 3. Love Gun”

joshL's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 21, 2010
The Adventures of Bobby Ray  Promo Photo B.o.B - “The Adventures of Bobby Ray ”

“wow. i gotta say im impressed. i knew Bobby Ray had a lot of talent, but i havent been the biggest fan. nor did i think he would craft a debut album so well. initially, i thought the album title was corny, but after listening to it i thought it fit like the infamous Bowlen-Shanahan-Elway trio. one major thing i noticed here is that the catchiness of the entire cd is off the charts. he selected great features for his chorus' and they all tore it up. catchiness def score bonus pts w/me cuz im bout feel good music. i really enjoyed how much of the record was devoted to singing. i think B.o.B. is a great singer and really turned his album into a musical more than anything. he was so creative and light-hearted bout the feel of the record and it payed off big time. also, he didnt try to overbear u w/his cockiness. he really sounded confident in himself as well as the other contributors that he didnt try to do too much wen he had to go up against big time features like Em,T.I.,Lupe and Bruno Mars. he jus let everything come to him and the result was great. overall, this was an impressive debut that really showed Bobby's talent and versatility. he did have a few blunders that jus bored me or got old quickly, but it was well crafted and a memorable debut. fav tracks: 1.Fame (i agree Nathan S.) 2.Ghost In The Machine 3.Nothin' On You 4.Dont Let Me Fall 5.The Kids 6.Bet I Bust”

joshL's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 28, 2010
Distant Relatives Promo Photo Nas & Damian Marley - “Distant Relatives”

“3 words to describe this album: Inspirational, Powerful and Emotional Inspirational lyrics from Damian. Powerful verses and thoughts from Nas. Emotional beats and chorus' from Damian and Stephen Marley who i really thought came through on his contributions. this not only the best hip hop collabo in along time, but the shared theme is one of the most memorable and progressive ones in hip hop in recent memory. this is jus too good in every element not to be a classic.”

joshL's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 27, 2010

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