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The Adventures of Bobby Ray  Promo Photo B.o.B - “The Adventures of Bobby Ray ”

“B.o.B's talent has been stretched over the years of my experience... his articulacy to flow so 'correct' dazzled me in every way. The difference between a good rapper and a legendary rapper is that they can perform an unique delivery which is diversely beautiful. I think some one raised a point regarding the migration towards being unsigned to signed... all 'raised one eyebrow' in suspicion that may be in doing this transfer, his main 'core' would never be the same (if you know what I mean). However his rapping career had almost done the complete opposite by compelling the BEST of B.o.B in the matter of ONE album. I rate this without a doubt above any album which is classified the same rating; therefore this is 5- classic.”

Discover(!!!Stunna!!!)'s Rating:                   Posted on Jun 03, 2010

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