Drake Drake - “Say What's Real (Freestyle)”

“Finally Drake is featured in the booth! It will be hard for any newage rapper to even touch drake lyrically, hes going to to big things for a long time! A while back i thought id look up who this kid is out spittin wayne on this track, hmmm drake......WHAT!? Jimmy Off of Degrassi!! nahhhhh!!! Then after coping combackseason i realised the game has found what it needs! Im lookin forward to drake takin over the charts and getting what he deserves. Im tellin you drake is hungry and hes gonna knock all these illiterate rappers out of the game reppin T Dot the whole time baby!! He has rhymes for years, he has a strong presence the wit, the flow and the swag to back it all up. Nothin but good things to come! B- reppin southern ontario”

"B" the Don's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 06, 2008

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