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Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco - “I'm Beamin”

“Solid banger by Lupe once again! A great choice for a first single but however I feel that "Shining Down" was a better effort... This is the type of single that needs heavy promotion to get a buzz... -Lyrics He came with a few good bars here for the first and second verses of the song such as the line "Baby girl doesn't matter where your purse from/Ya' nails did, ya' hair done, ya @$$ phat, but you're dumb" Lol, yes Lupe, I must agree! But anywho.. The third verse was kinda blank and wasn't as hard as the first two... I think Drake would have been a better subject to put there... does anyone agree? lol... -Production Best production I've heard from The Neptunes in awhile! That beat is so 'zoney' lol! -Overall ONE thumb UP and ONE thumb to the side lol.”

Lil Majer The Cartune's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 15, 2010
Eminem Eminem - “Beautiful”

“Lyrics GREAT CONCEPT FIRST OF ALL! There hasn't been a hit inspirational song in awhile but this definetly does the trick! This is personally my favorite song on the album, his slower tempo songs are usually always my favorites on his album... But each verse he delivers some inspirational words, I have been a victim of an event like this myself so I can relate to him perfectly! And personally I think this is what more of the game needs! Production Superb sample, and very nice melody to go with it! Btw... call me wrong all you like but really... I think Em's whole album should've been produced by him (or at least the majority), I personally think he does better over his own production... Listen to The Eminem Show if anyone begs to differ! But I'm not saying Dre and his production on Em's album was corny cause it surely WASN'T. I'm just saying that Eminem probably would've gotten more praise and recogintion for his Relapse album than what viewer's have been giving it now... (Who knows maybe Relapse 2 will have more production by Em') Overall This track is a perfect 5 star classic, and probably one of the top 10 best songs I've heard in 2009 so far. PERFECT!”

Lil Majer The Cartune's Rating:                     Posted on May 26, 2009

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