Jackie Boyz Jackie Boyz - “Callin Me”

“see people only make decisions based upon what other critics say about the person or issue ! as i can see from me up ! alotta people are hating on the voicebox ! i personally like it ! not too much the man Ronz Brown ! buh its hip hop in transformation ! its all working out for the best ! you dont have to worry about it seriously lol ! the best musicians of the world are involved in the change of music ! relaxx .”

Jordie Pee's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 14, 2009
The Dream The Dream - “Rockin' That Thang”

“man this song lagit man .. the song is really catchyy .. vocals are awesome, harmony plays a massive role in dreams vocals. the beat could have a lil more backk buh what can i say .. great song by the man.”

Jordie Pee's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 10, 2008

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