Cubbiebear - “The Hulk”

“I respect rappers like this. They read through the bullshit in the industry. In fact I dnt call them rappers. They are a branch species called LYRICIST s. A starving and forgotten species that are REAL and anxious to take back there rightful place in music. Understanding that music is alive, personalized and relating to every single person in earshot distance. Not Kissin any1's ass, but this kat is Sick! This is the type of music that has you rewind like "What he say!?" Truly potent lyrics, and the editing and voice splicing, simply spectacularly massive. You can tell he truly loves his music if he took the time and energy to produce the song down to the his voice. Shock value is the only way to get attention sometime. (Eminem) So for those who dnt like the "white man" in the "black man's" game sayin "nigger", Consider this, The word Nigger actually means Ignorant. Your forefathers hated the word and now its some how cool to refer to each other as ignorant? I live around racism, and a true racist would not call you a nigger to your face ,without back up.(cowardly) If your offended you might want to find out WHY you should be, instead of some urban taboo. (but off the topic) As a LYRICIST myself I eat ppl like this alive, adding to MY HULK. So continue what you do Cubbiebear. I'm jus glad I'm not the only one, but then again how could I be? -Sincerely, NOBODY”

mYnamEiSNoBoDY's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 28, 2008

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