Jesus Piece Promo Photo Game - “Jesus Piece”

“I was waiting for the official review before I posted my rating. The mere fact that this album was released with only one single out, which didn't go well, and a whole fuss being made about Game, but having nothing to do with the music is a little perplexing.But then you listen to it and realize that it hides such quality that it would be a waste not to let the people experience it. The consequence, of course was the lowest first week position and sales for Game, which makes one wonder if the label should have started over with a different single. Both "All That" and "Celebration" feel a little out of place, as does the atrocious-but-bangin "I Remember" on the deluxe version. I agree that 3.5 is a fair rating. Will be waiting to hear more from Game.”

McKriss's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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