Cubbiebear - “The Hulk”

“i don't understand how lil john can win a grammy for dropping three chords over an overcompressed 808 beat while the production on cubbiebear's tracks are labeled as disfunctional noise because he actually spent time arranging it... this is rediculous...especially when it's compared to kanye west's "stronger" which is only a terrible daft punk cover song, in other words, not a kanye west production... the song is incredibly progressive, reminiscent of the best of el-p's work during "fantastic damage" or the golden age projects with company flow...as for the ping pong ball review, i know you were trying to write with negative context, but you highlighted all of the best aspects of this track... the hulk is just that...massive, unstoppable and destructive...this song breaks down every wall your punk ass has hid behind since you decided you knew what hip hop was...i'm sorry but your bet bullshit is fallacious and your idols with their nestea filled hennessy bottles and self inflicted gunshot wounds will no longer be able to hold their pipe cleaner crowns in the air with an ounce of respect pointed in their directions...at least not from our corner homey...and we're coming into the next round tossing haymakers... you have been warned...”

xero's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 23, 2008

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