The Gifted Promo Photo Wale - “The Gifted”

“I think the reviewer was a little harsh on the 'trap rap' songs. Bricks has a lot of depth and the song preaches a great message, even Yo Gotti, who I'm not a fan of, has a great verse. The bars on clappers may be weak but the go-go influenced beat is original and better than a lot of songs in that class. Agree with the favourite tracks though. 88 and blackheros/outro are pure quality and will definitely be on repeat. Overall this is a very good follow up album to ambition. The growth is there and Wale is gradually becoming respected as one of the best of his class because I rate him over Wiz clearly and this was a better album then boin sinner as ambition was better than sideline story (close but clear). So looking forward to the next one and to finish, the production is sublime on this album. MMG don't get the credit for there production because the horns and the pianos and drums are beautiful to hear and it's a sound unique to the label.”

Dubz's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 30, 2013

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