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7 Days of Weak Promo Photo Adrian Marcel - “7 Days of Weak”

“they called this a mixtape and i swear I wasnt gonna listen.. ( folks and their damn mixtapes piss me off..they usually suck) but i did and it was more than a mixtape. This was like a jewel. Like finding a cell phone that works in your lawn and its actually turned on #winning! this album was the shyt! R&B has been sucking balls lately. Everyone is a copy cat. Trey songz knock off ( wit his non singin ass) Weeknd wanna bes (Wit his HIGH non singin ass). Drake hopefuls( Hit his rappin.. sad..non singin ass) lol what have we come too?? The hottest r&b records on the radio are coming from Lil Waye and Future... GTFOH! Most of the new guys are dead set on wowing us with their abs GTFOH. This was a Classic! the kid can actually sing. Doesnt feel Gay ( we'll figure it out for sure later) and each track was RIDING! Raphael Saadiq knew what the f%^& he was doing when he stamped it. Like he said "If it was wack he wouldnt have even f%^&'d with it" lol In the R&B world I have to treat this shit like when Kendrick showed up for rap... this kid is getting 5 stars.. and 6th one to go on top.. its so hard to come out and not sound like anyone.. He doesnt sound like Chris brown, Trey, Usher, R Kelly, The Weeknd.. nigga is in his own Room! #Respect! ( And my WU bretehrn... Method man and Mary J created one of the dopest R&B/Hip Hop joints ever.. wth u talking bout rappin and r&b joints dont mix... they been joined together at the hip since 1995 ).****** stars ”

Kimesha's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 29, 2013

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