Homebound Promo Photo Action Figures - “Homebound”

“This that bloody knuckles and bruised knees music with that junkyard dawg flow!!! #Whatthegamesbeenmissin!!!”

GateKeeper's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 02, 2014
Summer Breeze Promo Photo Slum Village - “Summer Breeze”

“This joint BAANGS!!! Classic SV!! This is the Summer Jam!! Gets no better!!”

GateKeeper's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 14, 2013
Jumanji Promo Photo Action Figures - “Jumanji”

“Leaders Of The New School Comin Out The Midwest! Shout out to AF for raising the flag for true Hiphop! Young RJ got the funky drummer drummin HARD!! Futuristic FunkMode!”

GateKeeper's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 23, 2013

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