Diana Kochetkova's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Mike Stud Mike Stud - “Past Gone”

“This song is seriously so beautiful. I hate that people constantly hate on Mike & call him a douche or a frat rapper that only makes party music & is so stuck up. He's the complete opposite, & if you don't believe it.. You should hear this song. I've never in my life had a song touch me so much. It was crazy to hear this. It was as if Mike has sat in a chair throughout all my struggles & knew them all, he just understands it. Sometimes I forget I'm not alone, this song reminded me.. That I'm not alone. There's other people like me. It's a song that gives me strength, I could never thank him enough for all of the strength he's given me through his lyrics. So thank you Mike, for all that you've done to give me the strength to push on. Xoxox”

Diana Kochetkova's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 11, 2013

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