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Man From The Sky Promo Photo Al-Fatir - “Man From The Sky”

“Dope shit from Al-Fatir. If you haven't heard his music, you're missing out, straight up. Incredibly talented Al-Fatir not only graces the mic with his superb lyrics and clever word play, but he raps about his life, never once letting anyone forget he reps the 203. Been a big fan since Al used to spit in the high school courtyard, putting everyone else who dared to rap in his presence to shame. Al-Fatir is destined for fame. His lyrical talent, coupled with his amazing stage presence, makes Al-Fatir a star on the rise that everyone should follow closely. Spit that shit Al-Fatir. Danbury, and Connecticut for that matter, has your back all the way. U doin big things kid. O and everyone should cop that Hat City Clothing Gear Cruz its fresh as fuck.”

Justin Esposito's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 09, 2013

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