Garrison Kretschmann's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Shots Fired Promo Photo ¬°MAYDAY! - “Shots Fired”

“This song is so insanely awesome!! I can't stop listening to it. Not only is it lively and vibrant, but the lyrical metaphors present are pure genius.The beat makes me want to dance. The words make me want to...*click*clack* ***BOOM!*** xD shot's fired. Love it or like it.”

Garrison Kretschmann's Rating:                     Posted on May 02, 2013
Anxiety Attacks Promo Photo Wrekonize - “Anxiety Attacks”

“Wrekonize continues to inspire and surprise me with every verse he writes. The constant struggle we all partake in living this life has few voices...but Wrekonize is definitely one of them.”

Garrison Kretschmann's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 21, 2013

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